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Freshness Clip | 1 piece

Freshness Clip | 1 piece

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Everyone knows the problem: once the packet of corn has been opened, you need a clothespin or a cling clip to keep it closed. This is the only way the corn can stay fresh! If opened corn is left uncapped for too long, the kernels will dry out and stop popping up when popped. In this way, more corn kernels remain in the pot without popping open and give an unpleasant feeling when nibbling. Our cling clips ensure a tight seal and fresh corn.

Our clips are also great for prepared popcorn: they keep the popcorn fresh for several days. This way the popcorn doesn't get "sloppy" and can still be snacked days later!

  • Popcorn wie im Kino
  • 1-3 Werktage
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