Der Popcornloop

The popcorn loop

It's time to introduce our star: The Popcornloop! We are very proud of what our inventor Murat has accomplished and so thankful to have more and more devoted fans. But what actually makes the popcorn so practical and why does the popcorn get better?

The popcorn loop – a special kitchen gadget

Our loop has so many benefits it's hard to know where to start. First and foremost, it's important to say that unlike store-bought popcorn or the boring choice between sweet and salty, the Popcornloop caters to every individual's taste. With the popcorn loop, everyone can take the popcorn with their favorite spice mistake, just snack healthily without sugar or add as much sugar as necessary to make him happy! Whether sweet, savory, low-calorie or vegan - the loop can do everything. Both the amount of oil and the addition of sugar or other spices can be dosed, so you always know what's in it. The application is very easy: oil and corn in the pot, hood over it and off you go! It only takes three minutes to prepare and you have fresh, crunchy popcorn. Then you can simply put the rod in the dishwasher and practically clean the cotton hood in a 30-degree wash. If that takes too long, you can simply wash the hood by hand.

Crunchy popcorn like in the cinema

You want to know how our popcorn gets as crisp as in the cinema? The secret is the cotton hood. The liquid contained in the corn escapes as soon as it bursts open and can escape from the pot through the thin cotton fabric. This makes the popcorn nice and crisp, in contrast to the simple popcorn making with a pot and lid. Thanks to the practical stirrer, the popcorn keeps moving, doesn't burn and is turned evenly in the spice or sugar. In our online shop you will find the loop in great Packages as an offer!

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