Popcorn selber machen

Make your own popcorn

This is how you prepare the perfect Netflix evening for two

What used to be DVD evenings for two has long since been replaced by the shared use of streaming services such as Netflix. What is actually important has remained: spending a romantic evening with your loved one. We have some tips for you on how to prepare such an evening perfectly.

1. Clean up your apartment

Especially when it comes to the first Netflix evening together, you should make sure that your apartment is in good condition. Because even if the guest is not necessarily a tidiness fool, a cluttered or even dirty apartment is a real turnoff for many people. Of course, this also includes keeping the bathroom and toilet in good condition. So a Netflix evening is definitely a good reason to clean the apartment again!

2. Homemade popcorn

Here you can definitely collect extra points: The smell of freshly made popcorn gives everyone at home a cinema atmosphere. And this is where we come from popcorn loop comes into play: With the Popcornloop grill popcorn set, for example, everyone can now easily prepare their own popcorn in just a few minutes. With this you can surprise your date in a positive way and show that you not only have taste, but are also clever. Then Not everyone can make popcorn themselves (unless they use ours Popcornloop Products naturally ;).

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