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Smart snacking – sweet enjoyment with popcorn

Who doesn't like to snack on something sweet every now and then? But we all know that too much of it is not good for us. In addition to health concerns, too many sweets have an overly negative effect on our figure. But that doesn't have to be the case: if you eat smart, you don't have to do without sweets and still stay slim. An excellent method is sweet, sugared popcorn. Ever tried it?

Popcorn also tastes great sweetened

In the USA, at least in all the big cinemas, the sweet version of popcorn has been around for a long time. In this country is the combination Popcorn and sugar are still largely unknown. It is not improbable that she will change this in the near future. Because popcorn is a popular snack that inspires millions of people. And yet popcorn has one special property that sets it apart from most other snacks: in its pure form, popcorn is extremely low in calories.

A large portion of popcorn weighs little more than 100 grams. And if popcorn is neither salted nor prepared with oil, then 100 grams of it in its pure form has only 347 calories. This makes them the ideal basis for a sweet and at the same time low-calorie treat. Because if you now sweeten the popcorn, you have a dessert that still has significantly fewer calories than almost any other candy.

So it's worth trying out this combination, especially for people who value a slim figure. You'll be surprised how well sugar and popcorn actually go together.

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