quality awareness

We want you to be satisfied and therefore pay particular attention to high quality.

Our popcorn corn from Argentina is non-GMO and gold quality. It thus exceeds two quality levels compared to commercial corn. The corn kernels pop up completely when prepared correctly. Due to the soft and very small shell, no shell gets caught between the teeth when eating popcorn. Corn is naturally gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free, making it a very good alternative if you have intolerances.

We offer you high-quality popcorn preparations with which you can give your popcorn a special taste experience. Our spice blends contain only natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives and no flavor enhancers.


Sweet, savory, spicy or low-calorie: You decide how you want to eat your popcorn. With the Popcornloop, you can quickly make fresh, crunchy popcorn and decide how you want to enjoy it every time. You have full control over the ingredients and calories and are free to choose how much oil, sugar or spices you want in your popcorn.

Together to the goal

We work together with our partners as this is the only way both sides can benefit from each other in the long term and guarantee the best quality. Working as directly as possible with farmers and producers is important to us.

customer proximity

Security in the purchasing process and service are very high on our list of priorities. With us you can pay securely (SSL encryption and secure payment methods), get competent customer service and you can use our blog and the product descriptions provide in-depth information about the products and their use and on our recipe page Gather inspiration.