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Additional hood set: original hood I football hood I heart hood

Additional hood set: original hood I football hood I heart hood

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Imagine your friends spontaneously drop by for a DVD evening and you want to surprise them with fresh popcorn - but your Popcornloop hood is in the wash? Don't panic: With our hood set, you always have a supply at home and can make fresh popcorn at any time - even if one of the hoods is in the wash!

The high-quality cotton hoods took a long time to tinker with until the popcorn loop inventor Murat Akbulut was really satisfied with the quality. A weaving process specially produced for the Popcornloop hoods is used during production. The place of manufacture is in Murat's home country, Turkey. This ensures that the steam can escape during the cooking process, leaving the popcorn unmistakably flavorful and crispy. The practical replacement hoods can be easily washed either by hand or in a light wash cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees.

HINWEIS FÜR ALLERGIKER: Kann spuren von Schalenfrüchten (z.B. Nüssen und Steinfrüchten) und Erdnüssen erhalten.

  • Popcorn wie im Kino
  • 1-3 Werktage
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