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Popcorn and cotton candy sugar chewing gum 200g

Popcorn and cotton candy sugar chewing gum 200g

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Popcorn loop popcorn sugar PRODUCT - Thanks to the high-quality popcorn sugar chewing gum, which we have specially developed for popcorn, the popcorn taste unfolds even better and you can let your creativity run free. Set your desired flavors in the variant selection. Using unique raw materials during production, our spice gives popcorn and other dishes and desserts incredible flavor. SPECIAL FEATURE - Not every sugar can be used to make popcorn, as the popcorn bursts at a very high temperature. The advantage of our popcorn sugar is that the popcorn does not burn and can withstand higher temperatures. DESIGN - In a resealable box for optimal storage and removal. OUR TIP - The popcorn sugar not only refines crunchy popcorn, but can also be used to make cotton candy with a conventional cotton candy machine so you have 2 party snacks for your parties. QUALITY - Customer satisfaction is our priority. Legal Notice This product contains one or more food colorings which may impair the activity and attention of children. Nutritional values ​​per 100 g Calorific value 75 kJ / 18 kcal Fat 0.5g of which saturated fatty acids 0.1g carbohydrates 99.46g of which sugar 93.86g Protein <0.5g Salt <0.1g

HINWEIS FÜR ALLERGIKER: Kann spuren von Schalenfrüchten (z.B. Nüssen und Steinfrüchten) und Erdnüssen erhalten.

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