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Starter set: Popcornloop I Butterfly 500g I 5 pieces of popcorn bags

Starter set: Popcornloop I Butterfly 500g I 5 pieces of popcorn bags

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Using the popcorn loop is child's play and it only takes a few minutes for your home to smell like fresh popcorn. With the popcorn loop, the popcorn stays in the pot and the cotton hood allows the moisture to escape, resulting in crispy popcorn. And another advantage: Sticky pots are a thing of the past - nothing burns when you stir and the pot is very easy to clean after use. The cotton hood can go in the washing machine, the rod in the dishwasher. No more annoying rinsing or tedious hand washing! Popcornloop puts an end to sticky, soggy popcorn from the microwave or pot. And best of all: Whether sweet, salty, low in calories or with butter for an even fuller taste - YOU decide how it should be!

Since the tastiest popcorn succeeds with our exquisite popcorn corn in gold quality, this is included in the set. The corn comes from Argentina and is 100% natural, contains no genetic engineering, is vegan and naturally gluten-free and has the finest taste. It goes without saying that the popcorn now tastes perfect - whether from the pot, a bowl or a bag! But for the perfect movie night and the cinema feeling that goes with it, snacking from our Popcornloop popcorn bags is twice as much fun.

The popcorn loop in a practical starter set: everything you need for the perfect home cinema experience!

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g

Popcorn Corn Butterfly

Calorific value 1464 kJ/347 kcal

Fat 3.8g

of which saturated fatty acids 0.5 g

carbohydrates 65 g

of which sugar 1.3 g

Egg white 8.5g

Salt 0.02g

HINWEIS FÜR ALLERGIKER: Kann spuren von Schalenfrüchten (z.B. Nüssen und Steinfrüchten) und Erdnüssen erhalten.

  • Popcorn wie im Kino
  • 1-3 Werktage
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